Precision Surface Grinding Capabilities

Get the flat and smooth surface you need.

Surface Grinding Services

Surface grind finishing processes can achieve remarkably flat and smooth surfaces. This is the best process for producing tight tolerances and low Ra finishes. Our surface grinding process has three main components:

  1. An aluminum oxide grinding wheel designed to remove material and provide high tolerance finishes.
  2. A magnetic chuck that holds the workpiece in place.
  3. Traversing machine bed that carries the magnetic chuck and workpiece beneath the spindle.

The materials most frequently processed at Erie Precision Grinding include:

  • Stainless Steel Alloys
  • Tool Steels
  • Carbon Steel
  • Hard Chrome plated surfaces
  • Aluminum

If you’re looking to machine a workpiece to precise thickness and surface finish, contact Erie Precision Grinding about our precision surface grinding capabilities.

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