Precision Internal Diameter (ID) Grinding Capabilities

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ID Grinding Services

Internal diameter (ID) grinding — also known as bore grinding — is one of the most demanding grinding processes. An internal grinding machine removes final stock to a finish dimension and surface finish. That means both the machine and the grinding wheel must be up to the task. We utilize aluminum oxide abrasives in our machines and have multiple workholding options.

ID Grinding Machines

Erie Precision Grinding has the industrial grinding capabilities to suit your needs. Our facility boasts both CNC and manual internal grinding machines to get the job done.

  • Kellenberger Kel-Vista URS 175/800 CNC I.D./O.D. and Face Grinder with 30-degree wheelhead
  • Heald #74 I.D. Grinder 28”x18” with 12” and 15” chucks

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