Ecotech Manual Cylindrical Grinder

Large, heavy-duty cylindrical grinder

Ecotech Manual Cylindrical Grinder

Sometimes it’s what’s on the outside that counts, too. Cylindrical grinders reshape or refinish the exterior of workpieces with a central axis of rotation between centers — such as cylinders, rods, pistons, and rollers. This machine uses a 30” grinding wheel that removes material to meet very precise tolerances. The machined workpieces fit a number of applications and industries, including steel, paper, aviation, automotive, and military. 

The Ecotech Manual Cylindrical Grinder cools and lubricates itself during use with its hydro-dynamic spindle and hydrostatic lubrication system, and its heavy-aged cast iron construction helps it stand up to the heftiest of tasks. This is the largest capacity cylindrical machine at Erie Precision Grinding.

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