Cylindrical Grinding Capabilities

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Precision Cylindrical Grinding Services

Cylindrical grinders are widely used to shape the outside of objects with a central axis of rotation. Shapes with a central axis of rotation can include but are not limited to cylinders, shafts, pins, and sleeves. Precision cylindrical grinding is commonly requested for materials such as carbon and tools steels, hardened and soft. At Erie Precision Grinding, we specialize in 2 types of cylindrical grinding services including outside diameter (OD) grinding and inside diameter (ID) grinding.

OD Grinding

Outside diameter (OD) grinding is the process of grinding the external surface of an object between two centers. Centers are end units that hold the object in place while also allowing it to be rotated. This is achieved through a point at the end of each center that is against the object. With OD grinding, both the object and the grinder are rotating in the same direction and grinding against each other, resulting in a smoother operation and finish.

ID Grinding

Inside diameter (ID) grinding is the process of grinding the internal surface of an object. A collet is used to not only hold the object in place but to also rotate it in place. The grinding wheel, which is always smaller than the width of the hole being ground, rotates in the opposite direction of the object, giving reversed direction contact of the two surfaces.

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Cylindrical Grinding Services